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Moved to: https://rewt.link/@johndotpub

Migrating to Mastodon
agummywave Hello All,

I'm migrating away from this Pleroma instance to https://rewt.link/@johndotpub for better feature support, and so I can maintain fewer instances.

Please follow me on the new profile. This one will remain active for another few weeks, maybe a month. agummyparty

Product roadmap year in review:

☑️ 2023H1: Fuck around
⏹️ 2023H2: Find out

Thanks to some help from the community, I have added some diskless netboot instances to my home rack.

PXE booting ephemeral Nomad compute nodes is super nifty!

Bart Simpson standing at the whiteboard with the words "I will stop referring to the new CTO as interim CTO" repeatedly.

@thomrstrom have you seen https://logseq.com/ ? It's an open-source Obsidian-like project, but it doesn't paywall your use of whatever cloud sync you choose for the data store. ablobcatreachreverse🎉

How does your team manage projects?

Hot take: GCP is such a joke cloud.

Your business is a joke if you're primarily deployed there.

It is just the biggest loser cloud provider in so many ways.

Google, known for their "customer obsession" and A+ support is exactly who I would trust with my enterprise infrastructure.

There are a lot of people asking whether I am susceptible to Downfall attacks.

At this point in time, I would rather not speculate.

I can unequivocally say that `Browse Securely for Chrome™` extension is

Every URL you visit is sent to their servers. They intentionally try to hide this by taking the JSON datastruct, converting it to a utf8 array of bytes, performing a bitwise XOR of the data (255), and then encoding it as base64 before sending it on.

Here's an example:

Home Networking
Got all my ethernet jacks traced and labeled at the new apartment's junction box, and come to find out I have no ethernet tips to attach... agummysad

Time for a shopping trip to checkout the local computer store tomorrow! Just the tip. meowlaugh apartyblobcat

Happy 4th of July! 🎆

@rtyler I quite liked running a Matrix node apartyblobcat although it can be a tad resource intensive depending on your retention and what other servers you federate with and how many users you support.

This is a super fun plugin for it too: ablobcatreachreverse https://github.com/hifi/heisenbridge

Fun game to play: how much code can you comment out before you actually get a failure from your tests?

Digital Panoply - Haus Sessions - B2B FLX10 Trial feat. Morph
Check out the 1st-ever "Haus Session" mix with #DigitalPanoply and #Morph as they give the FLX10 its first trial run! 🎶

agummyheart 🏠 agummyheart
#Soundcloud #House #EDM #Music #edmhaus


Reorg 3.1

Skinner meme from the simpsons with "Is this a failure of leadership?"

"no, the teams are misaligned"

omg, this #JISOO #Flower solo and M/V is absolutely amazing! #KPop #Blinks
ablobcatheart ablobcatheartsqueeze

Today is a sad day JetNet bought ADSBExchange. The data source for ElonJet/bots not to worry as other networks will be coming up. If you feed ADSBexchange we encourage you to stop feeding. ADSBExchange was founded on the principles of hobbyists community not for profit PE firms. https://www.jetnet.com/news/jetnet-acquires-ads-b-exchange.html

We have a mobile phone and DSLR that can zoom on Moon and get Crystal clear pics. Yet, when it comes to UFOs (or stupid balloons), we still get blurry images and videos. For once in my lifetime, I would like to see something clear and not blurry image/video. Is that too much to ask?