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@rtyler @salt the worst part is the export leaves your non-SMS messages behind, so now you have everything split and somewhat forced to keep signal if you want to retain the history.... bad user experience #Signal ... not happy. blobcatcaged

@rtyler yeah I can see myself dropping #Signal quickly now. I have more friends and associates with #Telegram. Another app is going to sit in the dustbin unused. sadcat blobcatangery

Three new exotic particles expand the roster of subatomic characters. https://trib.al/GRsaLsH

Some people believe there's no purpose to "liking" something on Mastodon since it doesn't affect any algorithm.

Not the case.

It does something incredibly valuable: it acknowledges people.

Which is incredibly powerful, and is all the more important *because* it's not connected to gaming any algorithm.

By liking something on Mastodon, you are doing it honestly -- without any agenda at play other than that you like it.

So go ahead. Click that like button for its own sake.

@rtyler I bet this explains why my reaction emoji for ticket generation is suddenly broken. ameowree blobcatsadreach

@hj @Jain @ocean Aww! ablobcatheartsqueeze Thanks for the correction! blobcatpicturebook

:ablobcatreachreverse: Pallas Kitty :ablobcatreach:
@Jain @ocean That breed also likes to sit it's feet on it's own tail to keep warm. ablobcatheart https://www.discoverwildlife.com/animal-facts/mammals/pallas-cat-guide-facts/

@cleo @Jain Ahh yeah good point, and thanks for the correction. When I had my shielding down, they initially attributed the language to the server IP's locale.

Since re-enabling CF the language has since shifted, but you're right that they don't specifically call out location in the main display, just that it's behind a CDN.

blobcatgooglyshrug agummythink

@Jain From what I can tell they do locale detection for whatever IP they are hitting, regardless of whether that IP is Cloudflare or any other CDN endpoint. blobcatgooglyshrug

We may never be able to match the incredible achievements of , but the European Union still plays its part!

We are proud funders of Mastodon through the Next Generation Internet initiative (@EC_NGI).

Trust based.

More info: https://www.ngi.eu/blog/2022/11/24/how-ngi-supports-open-interoperable-decentralised-and-trust-based-internet-applications-through-fediverse-projects-like-mastodon/

I just discovered https://devhints.io/ and you should too!! ablobcatbongo Some great work by @rstacruz check it out! #sre #developer #cheatsheet #hacking

Ex-Amazon employees on the almost impressively cynical way Amazon smile started:

A lot of management is actually information management


There's been a huge increase in malicious ads on Google lately. In some cases the first 4-5 search results for certain pieces of software have all been malicious ads leading to info stealers.

More details:

No matter what Microsoft charges for ChatGPT it will be cheaper than a McKinsey consultant and that's why they're going to win.

There's a narrative that Mastodon is "losing users". Okay, what do the actual numbers say?

According to this MAU chart, active users has been consistent -- albeit volatile.

Activity is based on how foolish Elon Musk is being at any given moment.

Mastodon usage spikes whenever people perceive Twitter as dying.

Prior to November, there's been spikes. You can actually see this in April/May.

What's different this time is that people are staying.

MAU of Mastodon

Upgraded to the latest and this is looking *good*.

Very excited to be making progress with the rebuild of some of these jails

I know this isn't a simulation because there's no way you'd design Michigan like that.

Reproducing a bug with vnet jails on because dangit why does this bug exist: